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Monthly Archives: January 2022


    By Brett Clark | January 21, 2022

    THURSDAY, JANUARY 20, 2022 9:50 AM 2021 CENTRAL OHIO HOUSING ACTIVITY BREAKS RECORDS ShareTags: Latest News Homepage News Housing Reports (Jan. 20, 2022 – Columbus Ohio) Fervent buyer demand in central Ohio, driven by pandemic-induced changes to housing needs and preferences, reached extraordinary levels in 2021. This increased competition for homes resulted in multiple offer... Read More

    Apply Feng Shui to the Entryway of your Home

    By Siobhan Blake | January 21, 2022

    Apply feng shui to the entryway of your home to welcome your guests and allow positive energy to flow in. Read More

    How has the pandemic impacted real estate?

    By Julie Vogel | January 18, 2022

    According to a recent poll, 23% of US workers are fully remote, 14% are hybrid while 62% have returned to work. We spent the last 18 months spending lots more time at home. This has changed housing needs resulting in many homeowners with plans to make a move. Whether they need home office, homeschooling, smaller/larger... Read More

    What the Differences in Financing

    By Julie Vogel | January 10, 2022

    What Is The Difference Between FHA, VA and Conventional Financing The simple answer is downpayment, credit scores, job history and debt-to-income ratio. Knowing your qualifying ability and options for financing are a critical step in the home buying process. We guide all of our buyer clients to explore options and have a pre-approval in place... Read More


    By Siobhan Blake | January 3, 2022

    Houseplants are great natural decoration pieces to occupy a corner, window sill, table, or shelf, but they also offer many health benefits that can enhance your physical well-being. Studies show plants in the home can boost moods, increase creativity, improve air quality, and reduce stress. Air quality.  In the late 1970s, many buildings were constructed... Read More


    By Siobhan Blake | January 3, 2022

    As much as I love the holiday season, it’s overwhelming. After 6 weeks of family gatherings, exchanging gifts, and toasting the New Year, I am craving a peaceful environment to reset for 2022. I find resetting my home after the holidays is an easy way to set my intentions on a peaceful and calm start... Read More