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Monthly Archives: June 2022

    Time to get you into your Dream Home

    By Siobhan Blake | June 21, 2022

    Owning a home is a big accomplishment and something that we all dream of. If you’re a first time home buyer, the process can seem daunting. There are so many things to think about – from getting pre-approved for a mortgage to finding the perfect home within your budget. To help you out, Matt Steinke... Read More

    Is an Adjustable Rate Mortgage right for you?

    By Siobhan Blake | June 21, 2022

    What are adjustable-rate mortgages and how do they work? An adjustable-rate mortgage, or ARM, is a type of mortgage that has an interest rate that can change over time. The initial interest rate is usually lower than that of a fixed-rate mortgage, but it can increase (or decrease) periodically, typically in relation to an index... Read More

    Earnest Money: What is it?

    By Siobhan Blake | June 6, 2022

    Earnest money, sometimes called a good faith deposit, is money the buyer places in escrow to show his/her earnest desire to purchase a property. Read More