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Help Ms. Shirley Rebuild Her Home!

You may have seen or heard about this story that Ally Powell started and Zach Duffey of Mold Mentor Consultants became involved with by providing expertise and free materials and labor to help. Please consider a contribution to help offset the costs.

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Homeownership Dream Turned Nightmare for Beloved Disabled Mother & Friend
Victim of an auto-accident at a young age, leaving her paralyzed, yet refuses to accept what others may consider a “set-back”. I felt so fortunate to help Ms. Shirley & her family find the perfect home to meet her needs, BUT now I am here to ask you to lend a hand to her with me again.

Ms. Shirley & I were connected by chance in early 2020, but I’d prefer to explain our connection as “a God thing”.  My admiration, friendship & love for Ms. Shirley & her strong-willed, yet loving spirit grew significantly over the months we partnered together in her home search. Eventually, Ms. Shirley disclosed to me that as a young, fairly newly married woman, she was in a major car accident. The accident had tragically paralyzed her from the shoulders down. BUT that didn’t stop Ms. Shirley, or anyone in the little army surrounding her from moving forward & continuously counting their blessings. Her mother moved back to Columbus to take care of her, her husband held her hand & stuck by her side through all things, while also working full time for their family. She even had a small miracle, who is now a 9 year old boy with a smile that can light up a room. She continues to be a pillar of generosity & strength for her tight-knit family.

As you can imagine, this was not the “typical” home search due to Ms. Shirley’s paraplegia, so the search quickly became a family affair. I spent many evenings & weekends showing houses with Ms. Shirley’s wonderful husband; their young, beaming son;  Ms. Shirley’s sisters, niece, & eventually even Ms. Shirley’s mother. I worked tirelessly to earn the trust & embrace of Ms. Shirley’s supportive little army.

After many, many showings together, & the help of technology through FaceTiming so that she could see the properties herself, we finally found Ms. Shirley & her sweet family a house. A house that seemed perfect for her to settle in & call home.

Then came some shocking news. Just a short time after closing on her (supposed newly/recently updated) home, I was informed that Ms. Shirley had water & mold coming down interior & exterior walls of her previously inspected & cleared new home. Upon visiting her with my best friend Kierra, Ms. Shirley congratulated me on my recent engagement & asked how I was doing [as I mentioned, she is just one of those people]. After witnessing the rapidly deteriorating condition of her, once seemingly perfect, home in-person & getting back in my vehicle to drive off, I was choking back tears. I was furious, overwhelmed with concern for the health & safety of my beautiful friend & her loving family. I was — SICK. SPEECHLESS.

For the past couple of months, I have tried to work with other fab agents & friends on my team to move Ms. Shirley to another space until her house could be fixed. I have researched attorneys & spoken to many — all of which have advised this will be difficult to litigate. I’ve sent out contractors I know, trust & respect to provide estimates of repairs & advice [***SPECIAL THANKS TO THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE PARTNERED WITH US TO DONATE YOUR TIME & LABOR EFFORTS — Zach Duffey & Mike Duffey, MOLD MENTOR; TJ McNew, ISI HOME IMPROVEMENTS, LLC; & Brandt Quinn, ELFORD CONSTRUCTION***]. I’ve spoken with her Home Owners Insurance — who said they would take care of her, but when the adjuster came to evaluate, had the audacity to tell my dear friend, “I didn’t tell you to buy this house…”. I’ve discussed this with her lender & new fellow advocate, who is as ill over the situation as I am, but does not have a perfect solution either… & the list goes on.

At this point, none of that matters & there is no true solution to the disastrous, accident my friend is now subject to, that again, is NOT HER FAULT… but that is beyond affordable for Ms. Shirley & her family at this time.

Watching this family, specifically, this woman, thrive & keep moving when many would give up, has been the most life-changing, inspiring, amazing, wonderful, memorable experience of my career. Ms. Shirley has taught & given so much more to me than she will ever know. SO NOW IT’S MY TURN TO GIVE BACK…

With the help of my own little army, we brainstormed & decided it’s time to ask for YOUR help. We are asking that you help Ms. Shirley & her family. We are asking that you share this request to all of YOUR OWN little armies! Any small amount you can donate will help us to get to our goal & help Ms. Shirley rebuild her home. JOIN HER ARMY & MINE. Help us restore some sense of peace, security, faith, forgiveness, acceptance, friendship & LOVE, as she has given me, but that WE ALL NEED right now.

Thank YOU for YOUR understanding, love, concern, compassion & support in advance as we work together to strengthen & uplift this family together!


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