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LifePoint Real Estate’s Mission

Are you a real estate agent?  Are you interested in exploring a career in real estate?  If the only reason you are in real estate is to make money; If you choose your brokerage solely on your “split”; If you already know all you need to be the BEST agent possible….you don’t have to read any further.

REALTORS are integral to the economic health and growth of our communities.  Understanding our role in the lives of individuals, families, neighborhoods and the greater collective community is pivotal in determining business vision, mission and goals.  Everyone has a story and we are all at different points of life with unique wants and needs.  Understanding these truths and meeting people right where they are is at the heart of LifePoint Real Estate.  

MISSION STATEMENT:   Meeting each person at their unique point in life to guide them from where they are to where they want to be. 
Unlike most real estate brokerages, who are constantly recruiting with a revolving door of agents, LifePoint Real Estate prefers an “attractional model” for organic growth.  We have assembled a group of real estate agents who embrace our company mission, core beliefs, culture and value proposition.  LifePoint Real Estate agents are hand-selected, highly respected real estate consultants who fully embrace a customer-first approach to real estate.  We elevate relationship-building to the forefront of every client interaction and are community leaders who support local charities.  LifePoint is positioned as a local real estate resource; concierge for real estate services; community leader and supporter and a team of experienced real estate advisors.  We give back – a portion of commissions earned is donated to a local charity.

LifePoint agents are some of the most passionate in Central Ohio and since you are with a locally owned and operated brokerage, you and your clients have direct access to the owner, broker and managing partners.  While we have a national marketing platform, we are committed to providing a truly boutique level of customer service.  Since we are not constrained by bureaucracy or big franchise limitations, we are able to remain flexible, agile and responsive to market trends and financial shifts.  

For more information and/or to schedule a confidential interview, please contact Amy Clark 614-887-7653 /

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