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For Sale By Owner (FSBO) FAQ

For Sale by Owner FSBO

Should I Sell My House “For Sale By Owner” (FSBO)?

Are You Really Saving Money?

Money Questions
  • According to the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), sellers who engage the services of a REALTOR® will sell their homes an average of 18% higher priced than FSBO*.  In most cases, the 3% co-op fee that FSBO’s are trying to save is recouped with an increased net sales price.  
  • Ultimately, a higher net sales price is achieved through proper pricing, professional staging and photography, effective national marketing, experienced negotiating and evaluation of offers and shorter marketing time.
  • With LifePoint Real Estate’s unique TOP (Transparent Offer Platform) option we can typically eliminate 3-6% of the commissions paid by the seller and potentially save you even more money than FSBO.

Timing Is Everything

  • Some sellers want to sell as quickly as possible while others want or need to coordinate timing of a home sale to coincide with the purchase of a new home, completion of a new build, a move out-of-state or perhaps transitioning to a senior community or alternative living situation.
  • According to the NAR, sellers who engage the services of a REALTOR® sell faster than FSBO*.  If contract terms need to be negotiated to accommodate a special seller move timeline, an experienced REALTOR® can typically negotiate terms that meet your specific needs.

Are You Protected Legally?

Legal Court
  • What happens if you make an error in disclosure, documentation or unintentional misrepresentation?  Professional REALTORS® typically carry a minimum of $1M in errors and omissions insurance….DO YOU? 
  • Is it worth the risk in this litigious society to manage this important transaction on your own?

Who Are You Letting Inside Your Home?

  • Unfortunately, not everyone is honest, qualified and/or truly interested in potentially purchasing your home but may have ulterior motives for accessing your property. 
  • When you are represented by a professional REALTOR®, no one is permitted to enter your home without a real estate salesperson accompanying them AND a secure, time-restricted lockbox is installed for your protection.
  • Are you vetting buyers before allowing them inside your home and possibly putting yourself, your family and belongings at risk?

Do You Have the Experience Needed?

5 Stars
  • An average home-owner buys and sells 5 houses in their LIFETIME. Most LifePoint Real Estate agents are full-time REALTORS® selling on average 2-17 houses each MONTH.
  • We are EXPERTS in our field and know the Central Ohio real estate market.  
  • LifePoint Real Estate agents evaluate and market properties AND negotiate contracts and request-to-remedies like it’s our JOB… because it is!

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